Sea of Lies: Beneath the Surface Collectors


Eipix proudly presents the next installment of the beloved Sea of Lies series! Welcome aboard, Doctor! With an increase in pirate attacks, you've been asked to join the crew as the ship's surgeon. What should be a normal voyage quickly turns into a quest filled with giant sea monsters and espionage. It's up to you to discover who's really behind the attacks. Do you have what it takes to help your comrades before it's too late? Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to help along the way.

    Continue your death-defying adventures in the pirates' lair in the bonus chapter!
    Consult the Strategy Guide for helpful advice.
    Search gorgeous locations for collectibles and souvenirs.
    Replay mini-games, view concept art, wallpapers, and more!

Magic Haven: Escape From Imhotep


In this gorgeous adventure, you solve match-3 puzzles to free the magic creatures from the evil wizard Imhotep and to build them a safe haven in a beautiful far-away land. Make your way through over 100 feature-rich levels where you will be called to mix potions, pick locks, make magic orbs and much more - in order to outwit Imhotep's minions, and foil his curses.

Worlds Greatest Places Mosaics


Learn intriguing facts about the worlds most fascinating places as you play through 5 different types of mosaics! You'll discover interesting things about some of the worlds most incredible temples, cities, and monuments as you progress through over 200 unique mosaic levels. Stimulate your curiosity and your mental prowess with World’s Greatest Places Mosaics!

Royal Detective: Legend Of The Golem Collectors


The peaceful town of Glanville is under attack! Each day, a golem arrives, leaving a trail of destruction and terror in its wake! But each new golem is even stronger than the last, and they're evolving into an unstoppable destructive force. You've been called in to help defeat the mysterious Master and their stone-cold creations. With the help of some friends, follow the clues to discover who the Master is and what they have in store for the town. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to help you along the way. The townspeople are counting on you. Do you have what it takes to help them before it's too late?

    Thwart an assassin's path of destruction in the bonus game!
    Collect hidden statuettes and find morphing objects.
    Enjoy the comprehensive strategy guide.
    Includes achievements, screensavers, wallpapers, soundtrack, and more!
    Replay your favorite hidden-object puzzles and mini-games again and again!

Travel Riddles: Trip to Greece


The birthplace of the western world awaits you. Travel to Greece and unlock its secrets, through a series of challenging riddles and puzzles!
Every level is more difficult than the last, but the pay-off and benefits revealed are more incredible than ever. Travel through one of the most beautiful countries in the world, whilst learning not only about the past, but the present.Your journey around the world continues!

    200+ levels!
    Collect 90+ artifacts
    Enjoy 8 unique episodes!
    Beautiful locations throughout Mediterranean


Solitaire Club


Will you become the true Solitaire champion?
Welcome to the "Solitaire Club", where great and relaxing Solitaire fun awaits you! Wildcards, challenging trophies, detailed graphics, and cool unlockable extras - apart from that, "Solitaire Club" offers pure Solitaire fun free of any unnecessary nonsense. A must-have for any true Solitaire fan!


Gardens Inc. 4: Blooming Stars Collectors


After their splendid wedding Jill and Mike are widely recognized gardening superstars. When they are approached by the TV network to do a reality show about their work, they do not hesitate and jump right into it. It seems like a great opportunity for the couple, as they are expecting a baby! However, a career in television might not be as pleasant as it may seem... and certainly more dangerous.
    10 additional levels!
    Brand new achievements, pushing your gardening skills to the maximum!
    A set of beautiful wallpapers!
    Integrated Strategy Guide for all your advanced strategy needs!

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