Haunted Hotel 14 Personal Nightmare Collectors

After 20 years, you receive a letter about your missing mom and sister. Answers are waiting at the Freedom Hotel. When you arrive, you quickly find that nothing at the hotel is as it seems as your fears spring to life! Can you overcome them to save your family in time? Find out in this spine-tingling hidden-object puzzle adventure!
Discover what happened to Steven’s father in the bonus chapter!
Replay your favorite mini-games and HOPs.
Collect morphing objects and puzzle pieces as you face your fears!
Complete a bonus puzzle for a special animation from the game.
Enjoy a bonus secret room with additional quests!

Darkness and Flame Missing Memories Collectors

Your uncle Colin is haunted by nightmares of a familiar woman begging him for help. Convinced that he will find answers if only he can remember, he calls on you for help. Now you must set out on a dangerous adventure to find a healer who can restore your uncle’s lost memories. But you must hurry – the Darkness is hunting you! Together, you will need to face many trials, solve dozens of puzzles, and ultimately face the dark army threatening the whole world! Will you succeed in time?
Play as a different character in the bonus game!
Collections, achievements, morphing objects, and bonus puzzles
Wallpapers, concept art, soundtracks, and more!
Use the integrated Strategy Guide

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Ruby Maze Adventure 2

Ruby is a freshly baked archaeologist at the University of Sandclows. Although she’s just a little girl, she’s brave at heart. There’s nothing more fun and exciting for Ruby than to explore the dark hallways of ancient pyramids, full of bottomless pits and piles of treasure.
Improve your perception and reaction skills by guiding Ruby through twisted mazes. Avoid dangerous traps, collect shiny treasure, and beat exciting challenges. With cute 3D graphics and simple controls, you will find this game addictive and fun!
Explore huge pyramids
Discover ancient artifacts
Unlock engaging memory mini-games


The Forgotten Fairy Tales The Spectra World Collectors

As a professor of folklore, you’ve heard all kinds of myths and legends, but you’re unprepared when one shows up on your doorstep and curses your family to turn into stone! Now you must uncover the world of fairy tales and legends from your Grandmother’s stories and stop the evil queen behind all of the chaos. Something doesn’t feel right though. What made the good queen turn evil and where has the Guardian who once protected the border gone? You must find the answers, before Earth and Spectra are doomed in this imaginative hidden-object puzzle adventure game!
Will you heed the call and destroy an evil entity in the bonus game?
Collect hidden feathers and locate creatures to add to the bestiary to become the ultimate myth hunter!
Find light crystals to reveal the secrets of the history tower.
Earn all the achievements with the strategy guide!
Includes wallpapers, concept art, soundtrack, and more!

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Bonfire Stories The Faceless Gravedigger Collectors

The Quiet Grove resort has been abandoned for years, after a series of guests mysteriously disappeared – rumors blamed a terrifying figure called the faceless gravedigger. With no bodies or suspects, the case went cold, and the events faded into legend. But when you and your partner arrive to dig up a news story, you quickly find out that those tall tales were all true! Now the faceless gravedigger is on your trail, and if you can’t escape, you’ll become the latest chapter in this horrific legend. Track down clues and solve challenging puzzles to stay alive in this chilling hidden-object adventure game!
Return to the campfire, where the Faceless Gravedigger strikes again in the bonus game!
Collect hidden character figurines and paw prints.
Test your knowledge by answering questions about the game.
Enjoy wallpapers, concept art, videos, soundtrack, and more!
Never get lost with the strategy guide!

Hearts Medicine Hospital Heat Platinum

Ready to find out what drama Heart’s Medicine – Hospital Heat Platinum Edition will bring our beloved doctor?This season picks up right after the previous compelling adventure. Things finally seem to have calmed down at Little Creek Hospital…
But not for long! When Allison receives a phone call from her mother, she doesn’t know what to think. She hasn’t seen her mom in over 20 years! Why would she contact Allison after all this time? And what could she want? Allison is left with no choice
other than to face her past, in order to discover her future… Will she have the strength to cope with everything that has happened and all that is yet to come? There’s only one way to find out…
Help Allison face her tragic past in this fiery hospital time management game!

Empathy Path of Whispers

Empathy: Path of Whispers is an atmospheric and surreal adventure game where you explore a seemingly abandoned world through the emotions and memories of the people who once inhabited it, trying to restore the world’s lost balance as your journey through its past. With a strong focus on storytelling and exploration, players will find themselves in a strange world created from people’s emotions and memories, which can be manipulated and explored. Those lost memories are the key to rebuilding the crumbling world back to its former state, discovering its mysterious past and halting an impending apocalypse.
Through its innovative narrative mechanics the game will challenge the player to explore and gain an understanding of the weird world they are traveling through.
Game Features:
Discover and explore other peoples’ memories in order to change the world around you, solve puzzles and access new areas.
Traverse a strange world and uncover what triggered the silent apocalypse.
Follow a narrative as it develops, interwoven with your exploration.
Experience the story through multiple first person perspectives and use your wits to piece the events together.

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