Puppet Show: Arrogance Effect Collectors

A strange meteorite has crashed, and it’s up to you to get the latest scoop! But your journalistic investigation is interrupted when you are mysteriously attacked and your photographer goes missing! Scour the village and mines of the town insearch of answers. Will you be able to save your photographer, expose the truth, and uncover the secrets of the meteorite in time? Find out in this enigmatic hidden-object puzzle adventure game!
Expose a secret puppet society in the bonus chapter!
Tons of collectibles are hidden throughout the game!
Team up with a fantastic animated puppet companion!
Can you unlock all 15 challenging achievements?
Never get lost with the strategy guide!


The Enchanting Islands 2

Hobbit Village was once a peaceful place, but tragedy struck when a hobbit named Sam found a magical artifact. Unintentionally plunging the village into a terrible war, Sam became hated and despised by his friends and neighbors. Now the war is over, but the village still blames Sam. Determined to help the suffering hobbits, he partners with a witch named Alice to restore the village and drive away the darkness around it.
– An exciting story about a witch, a hobbit, and their friends as they fight to save the village
– 74 challenging match-3 levels
– 20 village upgrades to build with materials gathered from 5 islands
– A beautiful soundtrack to set the stage for Alice’s quest



Lemmings meets Lost Vikings. Dwarflings is a hardcore classic which will be a challenge for the brain and fingers.In the game, you will take control of up to five characters, each one with a unique ability. The control is indirect: while dwarves are moving in real time, you control their speed and manage their abilities to help as many as possible to escape. On your road to freedom, you will meet not only hordes of enemies, but also some friendly and helpful characters. The game is dedicated to the adventures of resilient dwarflings in miner’s helmets, mashing clay in the grim corridors of the gold mine which never saw the light of the sun. The hardworking dwarves are not sitting idle. One dwarf is climbing the mountain and risking breaking into the abyss. Another has dug a pit. A third has fallen into it and cannot get out. Someone has even dropped a stone on a huge cave troll’s toe! You are the one who has to watch over all this mess. Mind boggling puzzles and indirect control over up to five unique beardies will make you suffer, cry, break your keyboard and call Mommy until and unless you finish the final level in order to stop this nightmare.


Dots eXtreme

Dots eXtreme is a classic dots puzzle game with large boards and increased difficulty level. It has simple rules, but challenging gameplay. Connect matching colors and shapes, use bridges and tubes to complete more than 500 handmade puzzles. There are different board sizes available, ranging from 8×8 to 20×20 cells. You can also collect Tokens to unlock different UI skins or in-game tips which will help you to complete most challenging levels.
– 500 brain teasing levels
– Varying board sizes
– Unlock skins and tips
– Hours of fun!


Danse Macabre: Curse of the Banshee Collectors

It’s the festival of Lunasa, and your Irish step-dancing troupe is ready to give one of your best performances yet. But your excitement is short-lived when a banshee appears and wreaks havoc on your plans! With your family in danger, and your reputation at stake, can you uncover who has it out for your troupe before it’s too late? Find out in this sensational hidden-object puzzle adventure!
The luck of the O’Connors be with you and Cillian in the bonus game!
Find hidden collectibles and souvenirs for an extra challenge!
Replay your favorite HOPs & mini-games, and enjoy Match-3!
Never get lost with the strategy guide!

Ocean Mahjong

Travel through the ocean, visit strange and wonderful aquatic worlds, encounter fantastical and bizarre creatures. Ocean Mahjong has 7 different types of Mah Jong gameplay to choose from, including Crossed Lines, All By Picture, Logical Pair and a one minute timed round, each set in a unique and beautifully rendered oceanic environment. With hours of Mahjong gameplay, gorgeous graphics and soothing score, Ocean Mahjong will delight Maj Jong fans of all ages.
– 7 different type of Mah Jong gameplay
– Gorgeous graphics
– Aquatic adventure through the seaside
– Soothing soundtrack

Ellys Cake Cafe

Elly and her raccoon friend Monty are the best bakers in the world, but no one knows them. So our heroes decide to open a mobile cafe and embark on an adventure to take the culinary world by storm. Collect cakes of the same color and fill your customer orders in the most delectable 3-in-a-row game around. Make combinations will all types of items and earn appetizing bonuses. Use boosters to maximize your points and satisfy all your hungry customers. Compete in culinary challenges, prepare strange dishes and prove to the world that no one can bake a tastier cake. Strap yourself in for delicious game mechanics, 90 fresh-baked levels, hilarious heroes and unforgettable adventures in Elly’s Cake Cafe.

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